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How To Get Your Child Excited For The Dentist

When you think of childhood, going to the dentist may have been a scary time. Today, kids don't have to fear the dentist. Take these steps, starting with a caring kids' dentist, can help ease their discomfort about the whole situation.

Keep It Positive

Your child follows your lead most of the time. Focus on the positive and fun parts of going to the kids' dentist. This will help them continue to think of the dentist as the good guys. Besides talking about the dentist, lighten your child's mood by using positive reinforcement. You can customize this reinforcement to fit your child's individual interests. For example, if they love going to the movie theater, take them to one after they finish their appointment. Keeping them happy before and after their dental appointment can be the main goal.

Explain the Benefits of the Dentist

When age-appropriate, talking about the benefits of a kids' dentist can help. Explain to your child why it's important that they visit the dentist twice each year. Knowing why can help to remove a lot of the fear that your child has about going to the dentist. Try to tell them about the tools they may use and why they are using them. Children often have a lot of questions. Answer what you can, and save the rest for a skilled dentist who treats pediatric patients.

Have a Meet and Greet

If you go to a children's dentist, they can offer meet and greet opportunities. It could be a one-on-one meeting or a group get-together. Having your child meet your dentist before them doing any work on their teeth is a great strategy. This will show your child that their dentist is a person you can trust and that they can be comfortable around.

Introduce Dental Toys and Books

Every parent will find that their children pick up a lot of information from the books, games, and the toys they use. Make it a dental theme and get your child stocked up on games, books, and toys. The more they're exposed to teeth and the dentist, the better their opinion of dentist visits.

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If your child is in need of dental assistance, contact us today. Our helpful dental experts will take the time to get to meet your child. We will make sure that every visit is a positive experience for everyone. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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