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Adventure Dental

Middlesex Center

1346 Eastern Blvd
Essex, MD 21221

Kid's Dentist Essex

Welcome Essex Families!

Looking for a reliable partner for your child's dental health? Look no further than Adventure Dental in Essex! We understand that your child's dental health and happiness are a top priority, which is why our team of skilled and compassionate children's dentists provide gentle care that ensures your child feels comfortable and at ease during every visit. We strive to make every appointment a positive and welcoming experience for both you and your child.

Our Dentists

At Adventure Dental, we provide top-quality pediatric dental care, and our team of experienced children's dentists, led by Dr. Aryela Rosenberg, offers a wide range of services, including exams, cleanings, x-rays, fluoride treatments, cavity fillings, tooth extractions, dental sealants, and crowns.

Essex Location, Hours & Insurance

We accept Children's Dental Medicaid and most insurances, making it easy for you to prioritize your child's dental health. Our office is conveniently located in the Middlesex Center at 1346 Eastern Blvd., and we are open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

So be a hero to your kids and prioritize their dental health by scheduling an appointment with Adventure Dental in Essex today!

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Tuesday - 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Wednesday - 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Thursday - 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Friday - Closed

  • Saturday - Closed

  • Sunday - Closed


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Our Featured Providers

Dr. Aryela Rosenburg


  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications - Brooklyn College University of New York
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery - New York University College of Dentistry
  • Advanced Education in General Dentistry - Lutheran Medical Center Brooklyn New York

Dr. Aryela Rosenburg

(Dr. Rosenburg)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications - Brooklyn College University of New York
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery - New York University College of Dentistry
  • Advanced Education in General Dentistry - Lutheran Medical Center Brooklyn New York
Why did you become a dentist?
My mother is a dentist and she is my inspiration! I began helping in her practice when I was 12 years old and observed for many years the impact that compassionate dental care had on the well-being of her community.
Interesting Facts

My husband, Avi, and I have nine independent-minded children who keep our lives exciting at all times! We especially enjoy reading and outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and biking.


Insurance, we've got you covered.

Our mission is to expand care access so that every child has a chance to thrive. We welcome Medicaid and most insurance plans.

Dental Insurance

  • Maryland Medicaid
  • Maryland Healthy Smiles
  • DC Maximus
  • Delta Dental HSCSN (Landover Location Only)
  • Avesis Trusted Landover (MedStar) (Landover Location Only)
  • AmeriHealth DC (Landover Location Only)
  • QPA Landover (Landover Location Only)
  • BCBS CareFirst
  • UCCI
  • Aetna
  • Delta Dental
  • Cigna
  • UHC Dual Complete
  • UHC
  • GEHA
  • Metlife
  • Dentemax
  • Guardian
  • Humana
  • Dentegra
  • Principle

Vision List

  • MD Medicaid
  • MedStar Family Choice
  • United HealthCare
  • Amerigroup
  • CareFirst BCBS

Priority Partners

  • Maryland Physicians Care
  • Jai Medical Services
  • University of Maryland Health Partners

I love Adventure Dental in Essex, Maryland. Everyone there is friendly and helpful, and works with skill and efficiency in their positions. The receptionists are cheerful and go out of their way to schedule appointments for all three of my girls at convenient times for us, and the hygienists and dentists are great with my kids and treat them with respect. I drive 90 minutes from Delaware for their visits, but it's definitely worth the trip.

Melissa T.

Appreciative Mom

High Quality, Compassionate Care

It's What We Do Best!

It's our mission to ensure that every child and family has access to affordable high-quality, compassionate care. Our kid-friendly offices, high-quality staff, flexible scheduling, and a variety of insurance options make us the perfect fit for your family.

Learn about our Dental Services

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Dentist Services

If you are looking for a kid's dentist Essex, you've come to the right place. Providing high-quality, affordable dental care for kids in Essex is what we do best! A child’s first dentist visit should occur after their first tooth emerges or by their first birthday, whichever comes first. Getting an early start on oral care habits puts your child on the healthiest path.

Dental Cleanings

Sometimes brushing just isn’t enough, and kids need professional cleanings! During dental cleanings, we use special tools and skills to remove plaque from hard-to-reach spots. We also check for early signs of tooth decay so that we can treat any issues that arise before they become a more serious problem. For children who are more susceptible to tooth decay, fluoride treatments and sealants are necessary to protect and maintain the strength of their teeth.

Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are tools that allow dentists to monitor oral development and check for any potential diseases or decay that can impact your child’s dental health. Dental x-rays are special because they reveal areas of the teeth that are invisible during dental cleanings.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride gives your teeth the nutrients they need to stay healthy! Fluoride is a natural mineral that protects teeth from decay and maintains tooth strength. During regular dental visits, we paint a concentrated fluoride varnish directly onto tooth/teeth surfaces that need protection. Fluoride is beneficial throughout a child’s life, and it is an important part of healthy dental hygiene.

Cavities & Fillings in Essex

The most basic form of tooth decay is cavities, especially for toddlers and children. A cavity develops plaque builds up and eats at the tooth enamel. This creates a hole in the tooth called a cavity. Sometimes cavities are hard to prevent, but proper dental hygiene, a healthy diet, and biannual dental cleanings are the best defense. When a cavity is found, the dentist removes the decay and fills in the hole with a filling.

Dental Sealants in Essex

Dental sealants protect teeth against harmful bacteria and tooth decay. Even with excellent oral hygiene, the grooves on the surfaces of molars are vulnerable to collections of food and bacteria that can potentially lead to decay. Dental sealants give teeth an extra layer of protection, and they are an important part of preventative oral care.

Dental Crowns in Essex

Dental crowns are placed on top of damaged teeth that need to be restored to their correct size and shape. Sometimes a filling is not enough to restore a tooth that is decayed or compromised. In this circumstance, dental crowns are needed. A dental crown is applied in one appointment using some form of anesthetic.

Tooth Extraction in Essex

There are times when a tooth needs to be extracted. These cases include when a tooth is extensively damaged or decayed, when a baby tooth needs help coming out, and when additional room is needed in the mouth in preparation for orthodontic treatment.

Dental Sedation Options

In every dental procedure and at every visit, we want to minimize potential distress to keep kids calm and comfortable. Dental sedation is the way your child can have an easy dental procedure experience. Select locations provide dental sedation options, and a referral is required. We look forward to being your kid's dentist Essex!

Chipped Tooth Care

Teeth can accidentally chip or break during play. Thankfully, we have ways to fix chips and breaks! Contact your dentist immediately if your child has a broken tooth. During the emergency visit, the dentist will examine the child’s mouth. Sometimes, the tooth fragment can be reattached. If you are able to locate the chipped tooth fragment, put it in a bag with water or saline and bring it to the dentist's office. If the tooth fragment can’t be found, there are additional ways to repair the tooth.


Good news families! Medicaid and most dental insurance plans cover two dental cleanings and checkups per year. Regular dental checkups are important for maintaining oral health. Book an appointment with us for your child today!

Now Hiring!

We don't just hire for jobs, we kickstart careers. If you are looking to start a rewarding career helping those in underserved communities, you are the perfect fit for our team.