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Academy Kids. Children's Vision care in Pueblo on Pueblo Blvd.

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1725 S Pueblo Blvd, Pueblo, CO 81005, USA 719-281-2633

Kid's Optometrist Pueblo


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  • Tuesday - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Wednesday - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Thursday - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Friday - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Our Featured Providers

Dr. Michael Pharris


  • Bachelor of Science - Colorado State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med - Colorado State University
  • Doctorate - Pacific University College of Optometry

Dr. Michael Pharris

(Dr. Michael)


  • Bachelor of Science - Colorado State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med - Colorado State University
  • Doctorate - Pacific University College of Optometry
Why did you become a optometrist?
I became an optometrist because I've always had an interest in helping others. I also did not have any form of eye care as a child. My first eye exam was at the age of 14, thinking that blurry distance vision was normal for a teenager. I then understood what a difference an eye doctor can make in one's life. My vision became worse every year and I needed access to eye care, glasses, and contact lenses. There were not many answers for a struggling teen and college kid who could not afford the care I needed. I was driven to finish school and become an eye doctor so I can help those in need, like myself.
Interesting Facts

I've been married for 25 years to Roxann, we have 4 children, 3 boys, one girl. We own a dog, Winston. I was born in Southern California and I have two younger sisters. We all live in Colorado Springs, along with my mom. I enjoy all things music and all sports. Tennis & Guitar are my favorite.

Dr. Michael Bagley

  • Bachelor of Science - Metropolitan State University
  • Doctor of Optometry - Pacific University College of Optometry

Dr. Michael Bagley

(Dr. Bagley)

  • Bachelor of Science - Metropolitan State University
  • Doctor of Optometry - Pacific University College of Optometry
How did you start your carrer
I grew up wearing glasses and contacts and always looked forward to getting my eye exams. Since middle school, I knew that I wanted to go into medicine in some capacity. Optometry, as unique as it is, ended up being a perfect fit for me. My optometrist was generous enough to let me shadow her for several weeks and teach me about the profession. I became an optometrist first to help people and I continue because of how much I enjoy seeing my patients succeed!
Interesting Facts

I am married to another optometrist and we have two wonderful cats! We love hiking, bird watching, camping, and kayaking!


Insurance, we've got you covered.

Our mission is to expand care access so that every child has a chance to thrive. We welcome Medicaid and most insurance plans.

Vision Insurance Accepted

  • Colorado Medicaid
  • Denver Health
  • Co Access
  • Spectera
  • Tricare
  • UHC (Medical)

Staff are amazing, helpful and respectful. Amazing service and great with my son. Clean and warm welcoming surroundings as well. Recommend to all.

Jaxx A.

Happy Parent!

High Quality, Compassionate Care for Kids

It's What We Do Best!

It's our mission to ensure that every child and family has access to affordable high-quality, compassionate care. Our kid-friendly offices, high-quality staff, flexible scheduling, and a variety of insurance options make us the perfect fit for your family.

Learn about our Vision Services

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Vision Services

With a kid’s eye doctor, your child’s future is clear! We provide high quality vision service for kids.

Regular eye exams are an important way to keep babies, kids, and teens on track for educational, social, and developmental success. Vision issues can impact a child’s experiences with school, sports, peers, and daily activities. A vision check-up is an important way to make sure your child is developing healthily and prepared for success.


If it’s hard for your child to see far far away, they may have Myopia. Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a refractive disorder that makes it difficult to see distant objects. In contrast, with nearsightedness, it is easy to see things up close. The symptoms can include:

  • Blurred vision when looking at objects at a distance

  • Squinting

  • Eyestrain

  • Eye fatigue when looking at objects far away

In addition to causing physical issues, nearsightedness can also impact a child’s performance in school and safety. Nearsightedness can be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses, or eye surgery. Routine eye exams can detect potential issues and help kids stay healthy.


Are things too close for comfort? If so, then your child may have Hyperopia, or farsightedness. Hyperopia is a common condition that allows you to see objects far away better than objects that are up close. With farsightedness, the light rays in the eyes focus behind the surface of the retina instead of directly on the retina. This makes close-up objects blurry. The symptoms may include:

  • Blurred vision

  • Trouble focusing on things close by

  • Eyestrain

  • Eye fatigue

  • Headaches when performing tasks close-up

Farsightedness can impact self-esteem and educational capabilities, but it is easy to correct with eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery. Take your kid for a vision check-up to make sure they are set up for success!

Astigmatism in Pueblo

Astigmatism is a common condition that blurs objects both near and far. With astigmatism, your eye isn’t completely round so it is not able to focus. Astigmatism can be difficult to diagnose in kids because they perceive the blurriness as normal. The symptoms include:

  • Blurred Vision

  • Distorted Vision

  • Eyestrain

  • Headaches

When left unaddressed, astigmatism can impact school performance and safety. Like other common eye issues, astigmatism can be treated with eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery. Make an appointment for an eye exam to make sure your child’s eyes are healthy and ready for success!

Lazy Eye in Pueblo

A wandering eye is also known as Amblyopia. Amblyopia is a vision condition in which one eye underperforms because it does not properly reflect light. When a child has a lazy eye, their body follows the direction of the normally performing eye. This impacts their ability to perceive depth. Symptoms include;

  • Issues with depth perception

  • Frequently squinting or shutting one eye

  • Tilting head to focus

For the most effective and simple treatment and management, it is important to detect a lazy eye early. Routine eye exams are an important way to take care of your children.

Cross Eyes in Pueblo

Strabismus, or cross-eyes, is a common eye condition in which the eyes are not always aligned. With strabismus, the eye muscles are out of sync which causes the eyes to look different ways. Strabismus can lead to a lazy eye or cause other types of vision problems. There are a few different treatment options, depending on the specific nature of the condition.

Fashionable Frames in Pueblo

It can be a struggle to get your child to wear eyeglasses. We carry over 350 Medicaid-approved frames to ensure your child can find the perfect pair to suit their age, size, fashion, and lifestyle. We want every child to feel confident and comfortable when wearing glasses!

Insurance Options in Pueblo

We don’t want any child to struggle with learning challenges caused by undetected vision problems. If your child is experiencing vision issues, we can help. We accept Medicaid and most insurance plans so that your child can have regular vision check-ups and glasses at little or no cost.

We look forward to being your kid's optometrist Pueblo!

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