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A Guide to Healthcare Services for Children in Commerce City, Colorado

Ensuring access to quality healthcare services for children is essential for their overall well-being and development. In Commerce City, Colorado, families have access to a range of healthcare services tailored specifically for children. This guide aims to provide comprehensive information about healthcare resources available for children in Commerce City, covering medical care, pediatric dental services, mental health support, vision and additional resources for families.

Pediatric Medical Care

Premier Pediatrics

Premier Pediatrics is a trusted medical practice specializing in pediatric care. They offer a wide range of services including well-child check-ups, immunizations, sick visits, and chronic disease management. Their team of experienced pediatricians is committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care for children of all ages.
Website: Premier Pediatrics
Location: 10569 Chambers Rd, Commerce City, CO 80022
Phone: (303) 655-1685

Platte Valley Medical Center

Platte Valley Medical Center provides pediatric services including routine check-ups, vaccinations, and treatment for common childhood illnesses. Their pediatric department is staffed with skilled healthcare professionals dedicated to meeting the unique needs of children and adolescents.
Website: Platte Valley Medical Center
Location: 1600 Prairie Center Parkway, Brighton, CO
Phone: 303-498-6800

Pediatric Dental and Orthodontic Services

Adventure Dental, Vision and Orthodontics

Adventure Dental Vision & Orthodontics specializes in pediatric dentistry, providing preventive, restorative, and emergency dental care for children. They also provide orthodontic care at the same location. Their team of pediatric dentists, orthodontists and hygienists prioritize creating a comfortable and supportive environment for young patients. They accept Medicaid and most insurance plans.
Adventure Dental, Vision & Orthodontics
Address: 6075 Parkway Dr. Commerce City, CO 80022
Telephone: (720) 795-7077

Mental Health Support

Community Reach Center

For families seeking mental health support for their children, Commerce City offers various counseling and therapy services tailored to children and adolescents. Services may include individual therapy, family therapy, and specialized programs for behavioral and emotional issues.
Website: Community Reach Center
Location: 4371 E. 72nd Ave., Commerce City, CO 80022

Additional Resources for Families

Hope Family Resource Center

The Hope Family Resource Center provides support and assistance to families in need, including access to healthcare resources, food assistance programs, parenting classes, and more.
Website: Hope Family Resource Center
Location: 5291 E. 60th Avenue Commerce City CO 80022
Phone: 303-853-3333

Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)

CHP+ is a low-cost health insurance program for uninsured Colorado children and pregnant women who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford private insurance. Families can apply for CHP+ online or by contacting the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.
Website: Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)

Pediatric Vision Care and Glasses

Adventure Dental Vision and Orthodontics
Adventure Dental Vision and Orthodontics

It is important to note that the Commerce City schools offer vision screening services. However, it is imperative for your child to undergo a comprehensive eye exam annually. Optometrist-conducted eye exams play a vital role in early identification and correction of potential vision problems. Medicaid covers both eye exams and glasses. Beyond school services, there are additional resources available in Commerce City.
Website: Adventure Dental Vision and Orthodontics
Location: 6075 Parkway Dr. Commerce City, CO 80022
Phone: (720) 795-7077

Access to quality healthcare services is crucial for the health and well-being of children. In Commerce City, Colorado, families have access to a variety of medical, dental, and mental health resources tailored specifically for children. By utilizing these resources, families can ensure that their children receive the care and support they need to thrive.

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