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Nurturing Little Lives: A Guide to Children's Health Resources in Longmont, Colorado

Longmont, Colorado, is not only a picturesque city but also a community dedicated to the well-being of its youngest members. There are several healthcare support services and organizations in Longmont that cater to children. Below is a list of resources to help you find the best care for your child.

Pediatric Healthcare Providers

Longmont offers a range of healthcare providers specializing in pediatric care. Families can explore services provided by organizations such as Longmont United Hospital Pediatrics, Longs Peak Family Practice, and Salud Family Health Centers.

Longmont United Hospital Pediatrics


Longs Peak Family Practice


Salud Family Health Centers – Longmont


Nutrition and Wellness Programs

Fostering healthy habits from a young age is vital for children's development. Longmont residents can benefit from nutrition and wellness programs offered by organizations like the OUR Center and the Longmont YMCA.

OUR Center - Nutrition and Wellness


Longmont YMCA


Educational Resources for Parents

Empowering parents with knowledge about child development and health is a key aspect of children's well-being. Longmont provides resources such as the Parent Engagement Network and the Family, Infant, and Toddler Program.

Parent Engagement Network


Mental Health Support

Recognizing the importance of children's mental health, Longmont has resources available for families. Organizations like Mental Health Partners and Boulder Community Health offer mental health services tailored to children.

Mental Health Partners – Longmont


Boulder Community Health - Mental Health


Pediatric Dental Care

Maintaining a healthy smile is integral to a child's overall well-being. It is important to select a dentist or orthodontist that specializes in pediatric dental care and accepts Medicaid and insurance. These medical professionals can provide expert care to guide your child on the path to a lifetime of good oral health. A good resource for children’s dental and orthodontic care is Adventure Dental Vision and Orthodontics.

Adventure Dental Vision and Orthodontics - Longmont

1739 Main St
Longmont, CO 80501

Pediatric Vision Care

It is important to note that the Longmont schools offer vision screening services. However, it is essential for your child to undergo a comprehensive eye exam annually. Optometrist-conducted eye exams play a vital role in early identification and correction of potential vision problems. Medicaid covers both eye exams and glasses. Beyond school services, there are additional resources available in Longmont.

Von's Vision Logo
Von's Vision

Von Miller, the former Denver Broncos player, established Von's Vision with the goal of offering complimentary vision care and eyeglasses to underprivileged children. Academy Kids proudly organizes Von's Locker Days in Colorado Springs. These events cater to children in need of eyeglasses and provide them with the opportunity to select a pair at no cost. For upcoming events, click here.

Adventure Dental Vision and Orthodontics - Longmont

1739 Main St
Longmont, CO 80501

Longmont stands as a community committed to the health and happiness of its youngest residents. By utilizing the diverse resources mentioned above, parents and caregivers can ensure that their children receive comprehensive care. Access to pediatric healthcare, nutrition and wellness programs, educational resources, mental health support, and pediatric dental care services collectively contribute to a nurturing environment for children in Longmont. These resources are easily accessible through the web addresses provided, facilitating a seamless journey towards fostering the health and well-being of the city's children.

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