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What Do I Do If My Child's Eye Is Hurting?

No parent wants to see their child in pain. When your child comes to you complaining of eye pain, it can be easy to panic. Our skilled children's eye doctors have you covered, though.

Foreign Objects

One of the most common reasons that your child may develop optical pain is because a foreign object is in the eye. Your first step can be to see if there's a foreign object in the eye. This object could be anything from an eyelash to a tiny insect. If you see the object attached to the eye, it's best to call the eye doctor, so you don't inadvertently damage the cornea.


If your child has a bruise on their face, the swelling could cause pain in the eye, or referred optical pain. Reducing the swelling will likely solve this problem. If your child complains of pain when you touch the eye socket or the pain persists, something more serious could be going on. If they experience severe inflammation, it's time to head to your eye doctor.


Whenever an allergen enters the eye, it can cause irritation. Some of the most common allergens for children include dust mites, mold, pollen, and pet dander. Offer your child symptom relief with over-the-counter allergy eye drops and medication.

Pink Eye

Another common source of childhood eye pain is pink eye. You'll notice this condition as redness around the eye, and it will be very itchy. This is a contagious condition in children. It's best to visit your child's eye doctor for treatment for pink eye and tips on preventing the spread of it.


Blepharitis, known as an infection of the oil gland, causes inflammation of the eyelid. This condition can be recurring, which makes it difficult to treat. This is a result of bacteria getting into the oil gland or from a problem with the production of oil from the gland. Talking with an eye doctor for kids can help to diagnose and treat this condition.


Styes are small red bumps that you'll find on the eyelid or near the eyelashes. These come from bacterial infections. Styes are contagious, so it's best to deter your child from touching their eye. Never try to pop the stye or rub it. If the stye doesn't clear up within a few days, you should take your child to the eye doctor to have it checked out.

Contact Us Today

If your child is experiencing eye pain, it's time to call our eye doctors today. Our eye doctors can check your child's eye and identify the problem. They will provide quick treatment to ease their pain. We want your whole family to stay safe and pain-free this year.

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