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Cross Eyes

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Cross eyes, also known as Stabismus, is a fairly common eye condition in children in which the eyes are not always aligned, meaning one may look in, out, up, or down. There are six muscles that control eye movement, when those muscles are out of sync, cross eyes occur. In about half of cross eyes cases, the misaligned eye starts to decrease in power, leading to a lazy eye. In other cases, in which both eyes are misaligned, the eyes send different pictures of the same object to the brain. Symptoms for cross eyes include depth perception and peripheral vision issues that cause eyestrain and headaches in children.

Look Straight - Feel Great!

Treatment for cross eyes include wearing corrective glasses and patching to force the underperforming eye to work extra hard, strengthening it to the vision level of the regularly performing eye. In other cases where both eyes are misaligned, a combination of blurred or prism lenses, patching, and blurring eye drops can help redirect how light enters the eye and can train the misaligned eye to turn in the right direction. It is also important to maintain eye exercises or attend vision therapy to help correct lazy eyes. In extreme cases, the best solution can be eye surgery to correct misalignment by detaching and strengthening the weather eye. Recovery is rapid with children recovering in less than a week.

Routine eye exams are a great way to ensure your child’s eyes and overall health stay in tip-top shape! Plus, your kids will love our huge eyewear selection. Whoever said glasses weren’t cool, hasn’t checked out our styles!

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