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Hero Familiy of Dental Vision & Orthodontics Practices


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Great News: Medicaid and most dental insurance plans cover two dental cleanings and check-ups per year.

These routine visits are important for achieving and maintaining good oral and overall health. We provide kid friendly (and fun) visits that are available at little or no cost to you with medicaid or insurance. Make an appointment for your child today!

Did you know that Medicaid and most insurance plans also cover annual eye exams and glasses (if needed) for children? We can make getting eye care and oral health care easy by providing both services, under one roof, on the same day! So while you are at it - add a vision appointment for your child with your dental visit. Eyes and Teeth covered - check!

And - don’t forget your baby’s eyes! Babies and young children do not know if they cannot see properly - how would they? Bring them in for a vision exam between 6-12 months to set them up for success in learning from the very start! Call today to make your appointments.

You know what is great? Comprehensive and coordinated vision and oral health care. Vision and oral health care begin when children are between 6-12 months old. Using one provider

Request appointment today!