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Oral Surgery

Day of Surgery

On the say of surgery, the patient will be brought back into the operating room where our anesthesia team will review the patient's medical history and complete a short health assessment. We need to know your child's medical history! Please make sure to share any updates or changes since your child's last dental visit.

  • Any personal illness, condition, or allergy must be reported.
  • Detail any drugs taken or prescribed, especially sleeping medications, tranquilizers, and steroids.
  • Any history of anesthetic complications.
  • An updated panoramic radiograph may be taken if needed.
  • The treatment plan will be confirmed, and all questions will be answered.
  • The responsible adult will then be escorted back to the lobby so the procedure can begin.
  • Patient cannot go to school or work the day of the appointment.
  • Parents/driver do not go to work or schedule other appointments the day of surgery so they can attend to their child.
  • Additional adult is encouraged to come day of the appointment to help attend to the patient on the ride home while the other is providing transportation.
  • You will be asked to arrive early.
  • Please keep in mind that your child will be under sedation and as with any procedure, the appointment before you may last longer or end sooner than anticipated. Having you and your child in our facility at the recommended time by our staff ensures you and your child will have a better experience.