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Oral Surgery


When our experienced Specialty Services team performs our oral surgery at our office/surgery center, it's in a safe environment. We used advanced technologies, equipment, medications, and supplies. Our team is specifically trained to provide sedation, emergency care and post-sedation monitoring.

We make sure to review your child's medical history and consult with any other medical professionals necessary before the procedure. Our team may require for your child to go to their primary physician to obtain a History and Physical (H&P) prior to scheduling their surgery if the office has any health concerns. If you need assistance obtaining a clearance from your child's physician, please reach out to our office. Our priority is the overall safety of your child, and by obtaining an H&P it helps ensure they are healthy to undergo IV Sedation. We will not be able to move forward with scheduling the oral surgery if we do not receive the H&P. Please complete within 30 days of referral.

We will make several calls to get a status update if incomplete. After 90 days we will send out a mailed letter of reminder. If no response, we will stop making any further attempt and will result in a restart of the process.

On the say of surgery, your child will have a final assessment by the anesthesia provider, and they will remain with your child during the entire procedure to monitor your child's heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen delivery. Your child may have a breathing tube & be given medications through an IV line.

It is very important that you provide us with accurate health information before your child's procedure so we can ensure the sedation we use is the safest for the procedure. The more we know, the better we can minimize possible complications. Please also ensure your child follows all pre-operative instructions accurately.