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Specialty Services

Your Child's Care Team

Craig Owens, DDS (Board Certified Pediatric Dentist)

Carolina Chapellin, DDS

Alberta Hernandez,DDS

Sheila Brown, DDS

Lauvency Joseph - Specialty Services Lead Dental Assisstant

Johanna Sifuentes - Specialty Services Team Lead

Cecilia Garcia - Specialty Services Manager

Carepoint Anesthesia Providers

Adventure Dental providers are Pediatric Advanced Life Support certified, credentialed, and highly skilled in pediatric dentist and anesthesiology cases. We are passionate about taking the best care of your child's dental needs and are committed to using the safest techniques to provide your child with the highest level of comfort during treatment while allowing rapid recovery. This includes PALs & CPR certified extensive dental assistants. We may also provide an RN/LPN to assist with the procedure and recovery.