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Getting Kids to Wear Glasses

As a parent, it can come as a relief when your child is diagnosed with a vision impairment that is easily corrected with eyeglasses. Armed with an optometrist’s prescription, most parents are content in knowing that their child’s development and school performance won’t suffer due to an inability to see clearly.

Unfortunately, the diagnosis is only the first step towards improving your child’s vision. For a variety of reasons, children of all ages often resist the transition to glasses. Our optical team has some proven tips for parents for choosing children's eyeglasses and speeding kids’ acceptance of their new eyewear.

Eyeglasses for Infants and Toddlers

Getting very young children to adapt to wearing glasses can be particularly tricky. Think of glasses like any other item of clothing for your young child. Babies will pull off socks, shoes, hats and even diapers if these items don’t fit properly and are not well secured. Many eyewear providers don’t carry sizes for babies and toddlers. Make sure you purchase your child’s glasses from a provider specifically equipped to fit the smallest children. If your child’s glasses won’t stay in place or are uncomfortable, an eyewear battle will surely ensue. Even with well-fitted glasses, our team recommends that parents use elastic straps with smaller children to make it harder for them to remove or lose their glasses.

Since toddlers don’t understand the reason they’re being told to wear glasses, it helps to make glasses fun. Find a favorite cartoon character with glasses like SpongeBob or the Minions, get some fake glasses for the child’s favorite stuffed animals, and wear glasses yourself if you have them. These steps will paint glasses in a more positive light. The good news is that even the smallest children soon realize the benefits of seeing clearly. Once they equate glasses with their clearer world, the game is won!

Choosing the Right Glasses

For older children, a big part of getting glasses is managing the fashion/function equation. Kids that don’t think their glasses look cool, are way less likely to wear them. Your child needs to be able to choose frames that are a reflection of themselves. Let them pick the color and style of frames that fits their personality – frames that feel right. Choose a vision care provider experienced with fitting children. Many providers only carry a limited selection of children’s frames which makes it hard for every kid to find the perfect pair. Find a provider that specializes in kids’ frames and can help your child select a look they’ll love that will also be both comfortable and durable.

Great Kids Frames For Less

There’s no question that children can be pretty tough on glasses. Most parents don’t want to spend a lot on their kids’ glasses for fear they will get lost or broken. The good news is that we offer a large selection of great-looking, affordable glasses. But, unfortunately, not all families have the same choice. A recent survey of the top twenty local vision care providers revealed that less than half accept Medicaid and, of those that do, most average only 50 Medicaid-approved frames for children. With that small a selection, most kids on Medicaid would not find the perfect pair of eyeglasses. Luckily, families now have another choice. We have over 350 insurance-approved frames for local kids to choose from including popular brands like Bolle, Jalapeno and Jelly Bean.

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