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Children's Eye Glasses

Once your child has seen our eye doctor and received a prescription for glasses, then comes the fun part--picking out the perfect frames. We carry over 350 Medicaid-approved frames for kids of all ages, so your child is sure to find a pair of glasses they love.

Kids Glasses That Last

When selecting glasses for children, a key consideration is durability. Our goal is to supply great-looking frames that can stand up to the toughest kids. We use materials that are resistant to injury, including both plastic and metal frames. We prefer polycarbonate lenses for kids because it is both lightweight and shatterproof. Additionally, polycarbonate naturally resists scratching and provides UV protection. But, kids are kids, so when they lose or break their glasses we can usually repair or replace them within five days.

Fashion and Function

Transitioning to wearing glasses can be a challenge for some children, so we work with parents to teach kids about the benefits of wearing their glasses and how to properly care for them. With our huge selection, glasses are an opportunity for a big fashion statement. Our frames come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Kids love picking the perfect pair and our team loves making sure your child’s glasses are the perfect fit.

Specialty Glasses for Children

Active kids need protection. Whether your child plays football, basketball, soccer or swims, we can supply sports glasses and sunglasses to protect your child’s eyes and improve their game. Learn more about the importance of sports glasses.

Come on by and browse our huge selection of Medicaid-approved kid’s frames.

Additional Resource: Getting your kids to wear their glasses

Leaders in providing high-quality and compassionate dental, vision, and orthodontic services to underserved children. Our providers are general dentists who treat pediatric patients.

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