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How To Protect Your Child's Eyes In The Winter

Cold weather and freezing temperatures can be dangerous to our health if we don't take the proper safety measures. You're likely bundling your child up to protect them when they go out. While that's helpful, that's not the only precaution you need to take. Many parents don't realize how harmful the winter weather can be to their child's eyes.

Prevent Dry Eyes

It's no surprise that the cold, dry air of winter can make your eyes dry. When your eyes lose moisture, they become irritated. This can lead to blurry vision and other eye problems. Your child's eye doctor will recommend using moisturizing eye drops to help your child's dry eyes. A few drops of artificial tears can make a huge difference in your child's comfort level. Additionally, we recommend using a humidifier at home. This helps to reduce the amount of dryness inside your home.

Use Sunglasses

You and your child should use sunglasses throughout the whole year. You may not think that you need sunglasses in the wintertime. Even if the sun isn't visible, that doesn't mean that the snow isn't reflecting its UV rays. These UV rays can harm your child's eye health. It can even lead to problems like cataracts and cornea damage.

Goggles For Outdoor Activities

Before your child hits the slopes, be sure they have their goggles on. A good pair of goggles can prevent unwanted debris and strong winds from attacking the eyes. Get your child in the habit of wearing goggles when they go outside. They're even more important for recreational activities. The more comfortable they are wearing goggles, the more likely they are to wear them. If your child is younger and wearing goggles for the first time, make it a fun experience. Remember: Children lead by example. make sure you always wear your goggles so your child will want to wear theirs.

Take Microbreaks

It can be surprising how much technology your children use throughout the day. When they're focused on a visual task, their eyes will blink less often. This is especially common if they are using a computer screen or handheld device. This can dry out the eyes and lead to irritation. To prevent this, make it a habit for your children to take microbreaks. These breaks can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. This depends on many factors. These include your preferences, the child's needs, and how these breaks affect concentration.

Schedule Regular Eye Care Appointments For Your Child

Your child should be going to the optometrist at least once a year. This will help find any problems that your child may have with their sight. We can address these problems as soon as we find them. Studies show that children who visit the eye doctor every year are more likely to continue as an adult. Be a great parent and start your child on the excellent practice of seeing an eye doctor every year.

Contact Us Today

If it's time for your child's optometry appointment, give us a call today. Let our eye doctors assist your child in seeing the best that they can. If anything happens to you child's eyes this winter, let us take a look. We can make sure your child's eyes stay their best all year long.

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