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Kid's Dental Flouride Treatments

Tooth Vitamins

Kid's Dental Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, commonly found in tap water and an important agent in keeping teeth strong and protected. You can think of kid's dental fluoride treatments as “tooth vitamins” for your child’s enamel, strengthening and protecting teeth from decay.

Our fluoride treatments are administered using varnish, a concentrated, highly protective, and long-lasting coating that is brushed directly onto a tooth/teeth to target enamel that needs the most protection. From the first appearance of teeth to when permanent teeth pop-up, it is highly beneficial for kids to receive fluoride treatments.

Keep Up the Good Work - At Home!

Purchasing age appropriate toothpastes for your child is a great way to piggyback off of dental fluoride treatments. Toddler and children’s toothpastes contain lower levels of fluoride, so parents should speak with their child’s dentist to determine which products are best.

Fun fact, if you reside in an area that has fluoridated city water, then tap water may also be a great source of fluoride for your family. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your kid’s teeth strong and protected!

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