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Does My Child Need to Wear Glasses All the Time?

Is your child refusing to wear their new glasses or struggling to remember to put them on? As a concerned parent, you may be wondering if it is important or worth it to make sure your child wears their glasses all the time. Here is everything you need to know to answer the question, “Does my child need to wear glasses all the time?”

Does my nearsighted child need to wear glasses all the time?

Children who have nearsightedness, or “myopia”, have a hard time seeing objects that are at a distance. Prescription glasses are an important tool for helping nearsighted vision problems. In some cases, minor nearsightedness does not require the constant use of glasses. For example, glasses may only be needed at school. It is important to talk with your child’s eye doctor to learn how often and when they need to wear glasses.

Does my farsighted child need to wear glasses all the time?

Children who have farsightedness, “hypermetropia”, have a hard time seeing objects that are close to them. Kids with farsightedness may have a hard time reading books and looking at screens. They may also feel eye strain when they focus on objects close up for a long period of time. Not all children have the symptoms of farsightedness. In some cases, minor farsightedness does not require prescription glasses. To determine whether or not your child has farsightedness, they need to see an eye doctor. The eye doctor can tell you what prescription is needed and how much your child needs to wear their glasses. Talk with the doctor about any concerns you may have and make a plan to keep your child’s eyes healthy and vision clear with less eye strain.

How to get my child to wear glasses

You may feel stressed or worried thinking about the possibility that your child may not want to wear the glasses they really need to see and succeed in school. You know that it is important to follow the eye doctor’s prescription and recommendations, but how do you get your child on board? Consider these tips when preparing your child to wear glasses.

  • Let your child be involved in choosing the frames for the glasses. Kids are much more likely to wear glasses that they like and get to pick out themselves.

  • Make sure the glasses properly fit your child’s face and pupillary distance. No one wants to wear glasses that do not fit properly because they can be uncomfortable and cause eye strain. Talk to an eye doctor and vision team to make sure your child’s eye glasses fit correctly.

  • Show your child role models, peers, and characters who wear glasses. If kids know that glasses are cool, helpful, and important to people and characters they respect, they are much more likely to agree to wear their own glasses.

Can my child outgrow the need for glasses?

When you learn that your child needs glasses, you may be wondering if they will need to wear glasses forever. It is common for children to need glasses. In fact, at least 25% of children between ages 2-17 need glasses. Many of these early vision issues are caused by changes of the eye that happen when kids grow. Genetics also plays a big role.

Every child is different! Talk to your child’s eye doctor to learn more about their specific vision problems, how frequently they need to wear glasses, and how to get your child to wear glasses.

When do you need to take your child to the eye doctor?

Regular eye exams are important for children’s overall health and wellbeing. In addition to taking your child for annual vision exams, you can make an appointment to see an eye doctor if you have concerns about any other eye problems your child may be experiencing.

We are leaders in providing high-quality and compassionate dental, orthodontic, and vision services. Help your kids thrive with regular eye exams and know that we are here when eye/learning problems occur. Visit our Vision Services page to learn more about vision care for children, and book an appointment at a convenient location near you.


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