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How to Choose the Best Eyeglasses for Kids

What to do Before Buying Kids’ Glasses

Before buying kids’ glasses, it is important to get your child’s eyes checked. Regular eye exams are an important part of keeping babies, kids, and teens on track for educational, social, and developmental success. Children with vision issues often have trouble in school, with sports, in relationships with other children, and in daily activities. A vision check-up is a great way to keep your child on track for success, and is key for obtaining a proper prescription. An in-person check up with an optometrist who sees pediatric patients is very important. These doctors check vision and assess complete eye function to make sure your child’s eyes are healthy. Eye doctors can detect early signs of various health concerns and recommend treatment strategies before the issues become worse. Eye exams are simple, but they can have a great impact on a child’s life as they grow into young adults. For example, a child with unaddressed nearsightedness can become withdrawn and focus only on those things that can easily be viewed close-up, and avoid things that have to be viewed far away.

In the eye exam, take special note of your child’s pupillary distance (PD). When buying glasses, it is important to have an accurate PD measurement. A vertical or horizontal disparity can cause unnecessary eye strain.

Where to Buy Kids’ Glasses

The best kids glasses can be purchased in optical stores, at eye doctors’ offices, and online! Trying on and buying glasses in person can be fun and makes the fitting process easy, but shopping in a store or at an office is not always the preferred option for families. If you would rather shop online, you can purchase kids’ frames from a retailer website and then bring the frames to your local optical store for custom lenses.

It is important to select the best kids’ eyeglasses that will actually fit your child. Make sure that you shop for kids’ glasses because those frames will be more narrow than adult frames and the arms are the correct length to rest properly behind kids’ ears.

When shopping for kids’ glasses, it is important to involve your child! Whether you choose to shop in person or online, your child can take part in the selection. A kid is much more likely to enjoy wearing glasses if they get to pick the frames themselves. Let’s take a look at some of the best eyeglasses for kids.

Eye Solutions Toddler Flexible Unbreakable TR90 Frames

Eye Solutions’s TR90 unbreakable frames are available in 8 colors and come with an adjustable strap. The frames are only $15, and your local optical store can insert prescription lenses. The positive reviews describe the frames as fantastic, lightweight, durable, affordable, and compatible with high prescriptions.

Unbreakable Premium Kids Glasses by Tempo

Tempo’s Unbreakable series kids frame is made entirely of a flexible material. They are lightweight and they can bend and twist in any direction without the risk of cracking or shattering. Furthermore, the temple arms are detachable and the headband is interchangeable. These glasses can even be worn under a shielded helmet, goggles, or hats. In total, the glasses cost $199.95, and they are well loved by kids and parents.

The Maddie by Jonas Paul

The Maddie glasses are cute, rectangular, translucent acetate frames that come in several fun colors and patterns including pink, gray, blue, brown, black, purple, clear, blue striped, brown tortoise shell, and purple tortoise shell. The lenses are shatterproof, the spring hinges are extra durable, and the extended nose pads help the glasses stay in place. On the Jonas Paul website, 259 happy customers share their love of the Maddie glasses. At $89 they are a good deal!

The Paul by Jonas Paul

The Paul glasses are round, translucent, acetate frames that come in several fun colors and patterns including blue, black, pink, red, clear, brown striped, blue striped, and brown tortoise shell. Like the Maddie glasses, the Paul glasses are shatterproof, with durable hinges, and extended nose pads to help the glasses stay in play. Highlights from the 182 glowing reviews describe the glasses as high-quality, durable, fast and easy to order, and the kids favorites! Like the Maddie glasses, the Paul glasses are also $89.

Fashionable Frames from Us

Getting your child to wear glasses can be a struggle, which is why we carry over 350 Medicaid-approved frames for children of all ages. We’re determined to make every child feel confident when wearing glasses. Within our large selection, your child will find the perfect pair to suit their age, size, fashion, and lifestyle.

We are leaders in providing high-quality and compassionate vision, dental, and orthodontic services. Help your kids thrive with regular eye exams. Visit our Vision Services page to learn more about eye care for children, and book an appointment at a convenient location near you.


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